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Phantasmagoricans / fantastic magicians / musicians meet at the crux of resonance, shadow and the internal to commune a tonal invocation of fascination, patience and depth.
– Stephen O’Malley

With Sustain, Chaos Echœs have not only surpassed their peers, they have surpassed themselves. The band – guitarist Kalevi Uibo, his drummer brother Ilmar Uibo, bassist Stefan Thanneur and second guitarist Fabien W. Furter – are joined by saxophone colossus Mats Gustafsson of The Thing and Fire! on two lengthy instrumental tracks. “Spellbound” and “Harvest of Souls” collectively sculpt an ominous and forbidding landscape of sound.

Edition of 100 cloudy clear available exclusively from Chaos Echœs and Mats Gustafsson.

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